Novosibirsk museum club "Museum for all"
Novosibirsk museum club " a Museum for all " - informal commonwealth of museums. The club was created by December 1, 1998.
By the founders of club of steel:
  • Committee of the culture and art of administration of Novosibirsk
  • Scientific-memorial centre of the U.V. Kondratuk
  • Town fund of Uriia Kondratuk
  • Museum - archive of a history of architecture of Siberia
  • Centre of traditional cultures of the peoples of Siberia of the Siberian Academy of state service
  • Museum of a history and ethnography R ussian german of Novosibirsk area
  • Museum of aircraft and astronautes AirSpace Liceum of the U.V. Kondratuk
  • Museum of the federal state unitary enterprise SibNIIA S.A. Chapligin
  The club is created with the purpose of cooperation of museums, museum establishments, private museums for the decision of the following tasks:
  • To promote development and perfection of museum business
  • Conducting joint exhibition activity
  • Information exchange on modern museum technologies
  • Protection of the rights of museums
  • Formation of public support of museums, including through mass media
  • Increase of professional training of the workers of museums
  • Strengthening business ties between museums

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